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Whether you are still in school, just graduating, or continuing to advance your career, we provide exclusive opportunities to help you succeed.

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We at Zoetis are always looking for passionate new veterinary professionals to help build and support the industry. Find out about opportunities in your area.

Zoetis/AAVMC Veterinary Student Scholarship

Once a year, through Zoetis's Commitment to Veterinarians, we partner with AAVMC to identify 2nd- and 3rd-year students across all disciplines who are leaders among their class for the opportunity to receive a $2,000 scholarship.


  • Available to 2nd- and 3rd-year students in all U.S. and Caribbean colleges of veterinary medicine
  • Repeat applications are allowed (apply in both the 2nd- and 3rd-year)

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Zoetis/AABP Foundation Scholarship

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Awards 3rd-year students based on overall interest in bovine practice, involvement in bovine medicine and bovine-related extracurricular activities, ability to express oneself in writing, and insightful answers to the essay questions.


  • Must be a registered VetVance member (if you’re not a member you can register here. If you have a VetVance account, please sign in)
  • Available to 4th-year students in all US colleges of veterinary medicine
  • Must be a member of AAEP (If you're not a member, you can register here .)
  • Must be a US citizen

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Zoetis Early Veterinary Bovine or Equine Externship Programs

We hope to expose students to real-world experience, increasing their knowledge and confidence in the field. Students will work side-by-side with a hosting clinic and be exposed to different areas of bovine/equine veterinary practice.


  • Zoetis Early Veterinary Bovine or Equine Externship Programs are available to first- and second- year veterinary students at some colleges of veterinary medicine.

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